Kyle Wise Tackles his Technique and Spends the Festive Period in Saas Fee

kyle wise

Kyle Wise is a British snowboarder from Norfolk who competes in the Winter Olympic discipline of snowboard cross, or boardercross as many call it. Kyle is the current English Champion and recently added Scottish Champion to his titles. Kyle has represented Great Britain at the 2013 World Snowboard Championships, two World University Games, and on the World Cup circuit. In […]

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Skinning up the piste: Fitness or Fun

snowy mountains trekking

In recent years I have noticed an increase in people skinning up the piste under perfectly good lifts.  I always wondered whether they were cheapskates not wanting to buy a lift pass, fitness freaks or just nutters.  Like lots of unknown or untried activities, I have been through the thought process of ‘disinterest’, ‘must be nutters’, ‘OK but not for […]

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Is Skiing a Sport?

Excerpt from ‘Skiing With Demons’ by Chris Tomlinson (SCGB – Leader). It does seem a bit pointless. Spending a fortune getting to the top of a mountain so, at great personal risk, we can slide down it. We usually end up exactly where we started – at the bottom of the first lift. But then all sport is pointless – […]

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Ski conditioning: Go with the flow

Skiing used to be about perfecting technique so that it could be imposed on the mountain regardless of differing terrain. This, as well as dominating the mountain, achieving consistent, dinky yet beautiful linked-turns, Parisian bottom wiggles and endless admiring of perfect radius tracks in the snow. And, indeed, it still is in many peoples’ minds. However, when snowboarding came along, […]

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