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No Snow? No Problem 2.0

Joe Troman takes a look at the UK’s indoor freestyle scene and why so many young guns are coming through so strong. Cash me outside? No thanks’ I’ll stay indoors. When we think of freestyle skiing, or any type of skiing for that matter, the first thought that pops in to anyone’s mind would usually involve a mountain covered in […]

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Mini-Series – Lifting The Curtain on Indiscernible Mountain Jobs: The Pisteur

Recently featuring on our student website, Line-S, check out Clem’s mini-series Part 1 to ‘Lifting The Curtain on Indiscernible Mountain Jobs’ below. If Superman opted for a job in the mountains, he’d definitely be a Pisteur. These guys set off explosives, save lives and keep the pistes danger-free on a daily basis. Whilst most of us start our days trundling […]

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Once Upon a Time in the Fjords…

I consider myself a fairly well-travelled person. I enjoy exploring new countries and experiencing new cultures. However, recently I have become settled in a routine when on winter trips. The familiar cycle of arriving, unpack, sleep, ski, sleep, ski etc until you go home is one I know all too well. My destinations change but my routine does not. Usually, on […]

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