Andorra? Why Not.

Digital Editor Joe tells us about his recent trip to Andorra and why it might make you think twice about your next holiday destination. Working in the ski industry brings certain social responsibilities within your friendship group. Some are minor – “are these [insert random ski paraphernalia here] any good?” – but some are much more serious, the king of […]

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No Snow? No Problem 2.0

Joe Troman takes a look at the UK’s indoor freestyle scene and why so many young guns are coming through so strong. Cash me outside? No thanks’ I’ll stay indoors. When we think of freestyle skiing, or any type of skiing for that matter, the first thought that pops in to anyone’s mind would usually involve a mountain covered in […]

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Once Upon a Time in the Fjords…

I consider myself a fairly well-travelled person. I enjoy exploring new countries and experiencing new cultures. However, recently I have become settled in a routine when on winter trips. The familiar cycle of arriving, unpack, sleep, ski, sleep, ski etc until you go home is one I know all too well. My destinations change but my routine does not. Usually, on […]

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5 reasons to visit… Steinplatte

View towards the Wilder Kaiser from Steinplatte

In those winters when Mother Nature is more frugal than usual, skiers and riders typically set their sights on high altitude resorts, where glaciated snowfields guarantee good cover. But even in more spartan seasons, some resorts at lower altitude can offer surprisingly good conditions, courtesy of geographical anomalies. For example, the resorts that lie along the northern barrier of the Alps. Why? The […]

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The Inside Line: 5 Best Pistes in Sölden

Schwarzkogel soelden

Link or sink? This seems to be the mantra of many ski resorts throughout the Alps that are connecting existing ski resorts through additional lifts, creating ever-larger ski domains. As a result, it’s almost impossible to explore what any mountain has to offer within a weekend, and often within a week it’s not possible to discover all of a resort’s […]

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