16/17, That’s a Wrap – What a Season!

Digital Editor Joe Troman runs through his season and the highlights of 16/17 for the Blog.

Where to start. My first season with the Ski Club has been a whirlwind of peaks and valleys. On my first day at the end of November the Alps were getting hammered with snow, there was that familiar buzz in the air amongst snow heads. The season was starting – and what a season it looked like it was going to be.


As those first flakes fell we turned our attention to the beginnings of our great sport with Clem Gray’s ”Origins” series. Touching on everything from how resorts first managed to open with zero snowfall to a time when snowboarding was still in its infancy and it’s integration in to mainstream culture. Having always been a bit of a geography geek at school, a highlight for me came in the form of Clem’s piece on eco-friendly resorts and why they will play such a key role in the future of our sport – a great read, geek or not!

Clem also writes for our student brand: Line-S

16709645_10154138270187821_1419708307_oWith variable conditions in our local mountain range – the Alps – many looked further afield when planning their travels. Explorers like James Mitchell told tales of magical mountains in faraway ranges, in his case Gulmarg in India. Others relayed stories from Japan and South America. I was lucky enough to head to Norway which although didn’t deliver on the huge snowfalls I had heard whispered on arctic winds, really changed my perspective winter holidays.

When writing about my trip to Andorra and the merits of Europe’s “other mountain range” I wasn’t the only staffer to write about their holidays; Charlotte Ahlen headed out of her comfort zone to the Italian Alps this season and took you with her. Before leaving on your family holidays remember to check the blog for some real-world advice: Fiona Jane Best let us in on her tried-and-tested Do’s and Don’ts for skiing with kids and the content team gave you the definitive pre-departure family checklist.

It’s not just staff and guest writers that contribute. Members regularly provide first-hand accounts of the highs and lows of their snow-related-escapades – like Tom Clark who recounts his experiences in searching for a holiday home in the Alps to give some real-world advice.

Woodsy with his X Games Gold MedalLooking closer to home we examined the grassroots of British competitive snowsports in our No Snow No Problem mini-series which is set to continue through the summer and next season. On a similar thread, behind-the-scenes blogs from events like The Freeride World Tour in Andorra and The Brits in Laax gave a totally different perspective; showing us the competitions from athlete’s and organiser’s perspectives.

Interviews with Jossi Wells and James Woods really gave us the chance to get the other side of the screens and cameras and into the Olympians’ minds. Original pieces from athletes like Angela Sykes and Kyle Wise gave us yet another point of view on competition, this time from those breaking in to the sport.

And how could we miss out Chemmy Alcott’s recent blog on what it takes to be a mountain-mummy!

Special shout out must go to Hamza, who worked with each department in the Ski Club as part of his apprenticeship scheme for Snowcamp. He wrote two blog entries detailing his time in our Wimbledon office in the lead up and during the first part of the season. Hamza thrived in the office and his writing genuinely reflects that, and what a fantastic initiative Snowcamp is.

It’s been a great season for the blog and with some exciting articles and series in the pipeline, 17/18 looks set to be a belter too – make sure you follow the blog to stay in the loop – see you next season!

Want to write for the blog? We are always on the lookout for new contributors so if you have a story to tell or just love writing then get in touch! Email info@skiclub.co.uk with the subject line “Writing for the blog”


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