Could the South Downs have a ski resort by 2028?

Joe Troman exclusively reveals how British skiers may be able to look a lot closer to home when choosing their ski holiday destinations…

Just outside the sleepy South Downs village of Cocking lies Cocking Down. The area is renowned for its picture perfect villages and quiet but friendly nature, not dissimilar from the Austrian Tirol region. But the slope that is dissected by the South Downs Way will soon have more in common with it’s larger Austrian counterparts than you thought.


Could this aspect in West Sussex be the UK’s newest resort?

After the latest predictions by climate expert Dr. Hugh Janus we can expect to see between 5-10m of snow per season in the region:

“The South Downs has always been home to a truly unique microclimate and over the next decade that microclimate is set to magnify by several hundred factors. Increasingly strong storms rolling in from the notoriously treacherous English Channel are forced to higher altitude by the 200m+ peaks providing vast quantities of relief precipitation. Combining this with cold low pressure weather systems coming from the Arctic, will yield levels of snowfall that the British Isles have not seen since the last Ice Age.”

A crowd-funding page has already been set up by local supporters for a resort to be built in the area. The “Ski the Downs” movement aims to raise £6.4 million pounds by 2028 to be ready for the massive influx of snow; so far it has raised £7.57.

The possibility of a ski resort being built in the area has been met with fierce opposition by environmental protection groups. The local council is also against the idea noting that the South Downs is registered as an Area of Outstanding National Beauty.

We are of course joking, April fools!

For a more realistic snow report of some real resorts, check out the Ski Club’s snow overview on the website.


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