Mini-Series Part 3: Top Eco-Friendly Snow Accessories

Recently featuring on our student website, Line-S, check out Clem’s mini-series Part 3, those the eco-friendly snow accessories you didn’t know about… until now.

Climate change. The very challenge of confronting this terrible problem is both overwhelming and daunting. Without taking initiative now, future generations may never experience snowfall and the very concept of a snow holiday may seem unfathomable. To save our snowy seasons, a small start is buying responsibly, opting for eco-friendly options when purchasing snow accessories, and collectively supporting brilliant brands.

Base Layers

Grab your base layers from Finisterre. This Cornish brand specialise in producing long-lasting clothes regardless of disposable fashion trends, adhering to their strong environmental principals. The layers are made with Merino wool, so they’re exceedingly breathable and the antibacterial properties will eliminate any odours. They’re soft and supple, with amazing elasticity. Each Merino fibre is like a coiled spring that returns to its natural shape after use, so you can vigorously splitboard up a mountain and they won’t stretch out of shape. Plus, Finisterre’s wool is sourced from fully traceable non-mulesed sheep farms in New Zealand. Added to this, the wool is processed and knitted in Europe by eco-label certified spinners. The Eddy Base Layer and Zephyr Leggings are super light, making them the perfect base layers for any ski or snowboard addict. And they come in great colours too!

Soft, light, breathable AND eco-friendly – just take our money already, Finisterre.

Eco-Sandwich Wrappers

Eco-sandwich wrappers are a wipeable, practical substitute to plastic, ideal for packed lunches on the mountain. They replace the plethora of plastic bags, cling film or tin foil that we have a propensity to rely on. BuzzCloth, a U.K company make the wrappers out of organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, tree resin and other natural ingredients to create the perfect food wrapper. Wrap your mountain sandwiches, slabs of cheese or carrot sticks into a cloth and it seals around the food with the warmth of your hands. They have a life span of between 3 months and a year, so once you’re done – throw it on the compost and, it’ll naturally disintegrate. Non-toxic, reusable and biodegradable.

Non-toxic, reusable and biodegradable



Badger sunscreens use just five ingredients in this sunscreen that are all organic: sunflower seed oil, beeswax, jojoba, uncoated zinc oxide and sunflower Vitamin E. The active ingredient, zinc oxide is reef safe since it’s a powdered mineral that won’t dissolve in seawater. Instead, it will eventually settle to the seafloor, like silt, to become buried in the sediment. All the inactive ingredients are biodegradable and safe for any environment or ecosystem. They’re designed for snowboarders/surfers/outdoor adventurers, so they’ll protect your skin as you charge down the mountains, and protect the environment. No chemicals, no animal testing and recycled plastic packaging.

Just FIVE ingredients in this sports sunscreen




The Schooler Bag epitomises Picture’s brilliance in eco-friendly design. Not only does it contains 30% recycled polyester, it’s designed around a ‘second life’ concept. Each piece of the bag can be removed and used for another function: you just take a pair of scissors, follow the dotted lines to cut out laptop cases, toiletry bags, new pencil cases – all from the old backpack! Ingenious – and when it launched in 2014, it won the ISPO Gold Winner award to prove it.

Bored with your backpack? Cut it up and reuse


Most ski/snowboard wax is pretty toxic. ESPN reported that studies of wax techs on the cross-country World Cup circuit found “high levels of compounds previously linked to increased risk of health problems, including cardiovascular disease and cancer, in the techs’ bloodstreams”. In addition, the pernicious by-products of manufacturing fluorinated waxes include deleterious chemicals – including acid – that have ended up in water streams, seriously harming people and the wildlife. Try Barcelona-based Nzero, who sell ecological 100% vegetable waxes comprised of natural ingredients, with zero toxic fumes and paraffins.


100% Ecologic Wax. 


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