Vegan Mountain Breakfasts – Three easy, healthy breakfasts to prepare you for a day of charging

In light of ‘Veganuary’, our lovely blogger Clem Gray is enlightening us with great potential mountain breakfasts to get our teeth into this ‘dry’ January – Check out her top three vegan favourites to get you inspired and up the mountain on that next winter holiday…

It’s fine if you’re staying in a fully catered chalet, dithering between which croissant to try first for breakfast. Yet, if you’re on a budget snow break or a seasonaire, finding a healthy breakfast is a nightmare mission in the mountains. Even more so, if you’re a vegan living in the French Alps – renowned as the land of cheese and saucisson.

Being perched up in the mountains can make it tricky to find decent grub that has a whiff of freshness to it. Don’t let this faze you. Stockpiling is the key to success. If you’ve got access to a car, head down to the valley to one of the large supermarkets. Grab bags of frozen fruits, cartons of non-dairy milks, nuts, seeds and black bread.

You have to work with what you’ve got. Of course, who doesn’t hanker after avocados on toast? But in the alpine wilderness, finding an affordable avocado is like bumping into the abominable snowman. You’ll be lucky to find one lurking in the valley that isn’t rock hard, bruised to a pulpy lump or priced at anywhere below 2€. It’s time to get creative. Here are three easy vegan mountain breakfasts to fill your boots, without blowing your budget.

  1. Overnight Oats.

Pop a cup of oats into a bowl, douse them with two cups of non-dairy milk and leave in a cold place overnight (best not left outside unless you’re really into the frozen factor). In the morning, sprinkle nuts/seeds, frozen raspberries/blueberries, throw a chopped banana in and stir a spoonful of peanut butter in. Wham bam thank you mam.




  1. Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwiches

Although this harks back to childhood feasts, it’s actually a perfect blend of proteins to keep you filled and fuelled up. It’s cheap, hearty and healthy, and it’s even better if you can replace white bread (zero nutrients) with black bread. Buy the black bread in bulk down in the valley and freeze until needed. The breakfast of champions – and skiers on a budget…




  1. A Hearty Soup.

This may sound a little quirky, but bear with. Fruit can be found worldwide in normal breakfasts: Berries, bananas or sliced apples are all seen as standard fare for the mornings but vegetables? In the western world, vegetables don’t tend to raise their head above the food parapet until lunchtime. However, if you look east, a traditional Japanese breakfast consists of miso soup, served with proteins and side dishes of vegetables. This smorgasbord of nutrition fed the samurai for centuries – and is still a typical Japanese way to break their fast – making it the breakfast of warriors. Perfect for those braving the backcountry, since if you’re off splitboarding, you need fuel. A blend of vegetables, proteins and goodness swirled into a steaming blend of soup is a heartily efficient way of energising yourself for the day ahead. For the more practical minded, a soup freezes well.



So, if skiing/boarding on a budget, whether meat eater or vegan, these breakfasts will ensure you’ll be ready to ride.




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