Your Spaceship Has Arrived, Sir


Airport transfers are hardly the most exciting part of a skiing holiday – unless you happen to sign up to the new ZEAT service offered by Bourg St. Maurice-based CoolBus. We were picked up at Geneva Airport by their amazing Tesla Model X transfer vehicle, a zero emissions (hence ‘ZEAT’ – Zero Emissions Airport Transfers) 4WD car that is not only good for the environment since it’s battery driven, but also looks like something out of Back to the Future.


Gull-wing doors, a dashboard computer the size of a small cinema screen, 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds and a travel experience almost as fast, smooth and comfortable as the Starship Enterprise in Warp Factor mode make this a transfer with a difference.

Fair enough, it costs a bit more, but you are travelling in a vehicle worth over £100k at the same time as saving the planet – what’s not to like?


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