Life In The Fast Lane – Part 2

We catch up with Kyle Wise to see what he’s been up to and what he’s got planned for winter 2016/2017. Here is the first part of his catch up series, part 2 of blog 1.

Unfortunately the British Indoor champs scheduled for August was ‘postponed’ (cancelled) due to snow conditions being poor at the host slope Chill Factor. I hope it’s more successful next year and people return, as there are so few opportunities to get directly involved in boardercross in the UK, so we need to all help to make it work out.



Throughout the summer I’d been visiting my physio Anne at HandsOnMaximise, both working on injuries and my fitness. I had a couple of silly injuries that happened over the summer, which hampered my training which was frustrating. The first getting hit by a pedrestrian running across the road whilst cycling back from work and a stupid fall whilst filming for Hillend’s entry to the Championship Ski and Snowboard (CSS) competition which I had been selected for.

The cycle crash was a rubbish experience, as it turns out tarmac is much harder than snow! I fell over my handlebars bruising my shoulder and fingers. With the snowboard fall for the CSS we had to film a rail trick, a jump trick and a creative trick. I was attempting my jump trick, but was struggling for speed, as the slope was running slow from the humid weather. I’d tried to speed the slope up using DataWax’s Hydrazorb to no avail and I was trying one more time to generate as much speed as possible pumping all the transitions to get air, but I just rolled over the jump in the end. I threw my hands in the air in frustration and instantly caught my toe edge falling onto my front and landed on my fist, punching myself in the ribs, winding myself. It was the most lame fall ever but it hurt badly and I’d bruised my ribs. We carried on and I got a good creative shot as we played around with what we had and took a boardercross take on the creative trick as you’ll see below.

Hillend Instragram Video

Unfortunately my bruised ribs later caused me problems pulling my shoulder forward and causing tightness all around my back/chest. After a lot of physio visits at HandsOnMaximise it turned out getting back in the gym was the best way to fix it, as it turns out keeping active and re-engaging good form regularly in the gym, is much better therapy than resting in the office!

After the injuries and a long summer working, I got back in the gym in a big way. I wanted to be as fit and as strong as possible for the winter and avoid silly injuries like these again! I was lucky enough to have my gym membership at University of Edinburgh renewed, which is amazing as it is by far the best gym for me to train in the city centre. Coupled with my new gym programs from HandsOn Maximise I’m seeing big improvements and I’m really enjoying it.


In October after six months of working full time it was time for a break, so I went away on my first surf trip with my girlfriend to Fuertaventura in the Canary Islands. We stayed with Wave Riders Surf School and had lessons with them for 6 days. I loved it, as much as I needed a break, I’m rubbish at doing nothing, so having somewhere sunny, meeting new people, with an active and challenging activity to do every day was perfect for me.

Surfing is a lot of fun and challenging, trying to catch that wave is tough and it’s tough on your shoulders! But towards the end I was getting good at catching them and able to turn, following the break of the wave as it continued all the way back to the beach. A couple of waves I’ll always remember, the first riding a wave all the way back to the beach and another on a relatively flat day with few waves, managing to read one incoming at the last minute, quickly turning my board round and paddling, and catching it just at the right time, and riding it for ages. Everyone had been struggling to find one that day, so to have that opportunistic approach work out was so satisfying! I’ll definitely be doing surfing more in the future, just need to get myself a wetsuit as it’s a bit chillier up here in Scotland’s waters!


So I now find myself here in the mountains of Austria, at pre-season training just before the first competitions of the season. I’ve come to Pitztal glacier which is a great place to train, with a number of tracks, it’s boardercross paradise! We’ve spent a week on snow, training with TORR Snowboarding which has been great and I’m seeing big improvements in my riding despite the relatively short time on the hill!

Today I’m having a rest and tomorrow will be the training day before two Europa Cup competitions here in Pitztal. It’s the warm up event to the first World Cup of the season in Montafon, Austria, so the race always has a high standard and it’s a good way to gauge where you are in the pack. So I’m excited!

Pre-Season Video

I’ll be returning to the UK after the competitions for December and most of January. I’ll be riding at Bearsden dry slope in Glasgow regularly during this time thanks to my supporters at DataWax and work, which I’m looking forward to, I love dry slope! I’ll also be making trips up north to the highlands to ride, conditions are looking good!

For the rest of my season, my plan is to return to Europe at the end of January for more FIS races and Europa Cups, followed by a trip at the end of February to the USA and Canada. I’ll be travelling to Seattle with my friend Myles, where we’ll road trip it around Washington state, riding Mt Baker (the dream!), before making our way up to interior British Columbia, riding in the resorts around Kelowna and Kamloops, before catching a FIS race in Big White, followed by two North American Cups in Tabor Mountain, up in northern British Columbia, near the city of Prince George. We’ll then head back to Seattle via Whistler Blackcomb and Vancouver, visiting the places we both spent our first winter seasons, before jetting it back home, business class of course! I’m so excited to explore somewhere new and challenge myself on some new tracks!

I’ll then look to finish the season in Europe with more races at the end of March and start of April, catching some of the national championships. It’s set to be a great season and I’ll keep you updated on how it all goes!

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Volkl Snowboards, Snowfit, CALA Homes, Surefoot, DataWax and PANDA Optics.

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