Hamza’s Ski Club Blog 2

As previously introduced, Hamza Alkebida is one of our newest additions to the Ski Club’s team and our third Apprentice from Snow-Camp. This fantastic youth charity offers kids from inner-city areas the chance to hit the slopes and gain experience in the snow sports industry – which is exactly what Hamza is up to with us until Christmas! Here is an update of how he’s getting on in his first month at the Ski Club…

I have now been working at the Ski Club of Great Britain for over a month now. I must say that I am loving my time at the Ski Club, honestly I am over the moon with this placement for many reasons, so much so I don’t know where to start.

Firstly I must say, now that I have been here for over a month, I have got to get to know everyone in the office and I have become more confident with working with the other departments at the Ski Club. This past month I have pretty much covered all departments in the Ski Club, apart from membership, but I guess I will help them out soon.

To break down what I have done I will start off with what I’ve done after communications. I was given the task to help out Beth in the PR department. This consisted in writing press releases. This was a challenging task as there was a lot of writing involved and a lot of new information to take in, however I was keen and determined to do it. One of the highlights of working in the PR department with Beth and Simon was helping them with ordering the prize for one of the competitions, this meant ordering a new iPad mini 2.

After working In the PR department, I helped out with Tim in the accounting department. As you can guess accounting isn’t all gilts and glam, but I got to understand the financial side to the ski club and how the company invests its money. One of the tasks set out to me by Tim was to create an Excel spreadsheets with all the companies that have transactions with the Ski Club. I am overwhelmed that the Ski Club trusted me with this task as it involved dealing with valuable information.


On the other hand, by far the most entertaining and funniest department that I have worked with is Freshtracks. As I would say, ‘this department has so much BANTA.’ I enjoyed working with everyone in this department as one, it was hilarious as we are tucked away behind the corner, away from everyone else, and two, I got to help out Owen with organizing and setting up equipment for the Ski Club leaders. One of the enjoyable projects set out to me was when Owen allowed me to add information into the Ski Club web page. I added information about Ski holidays in France. But everyone in this department made me feel welcome and unlike when I first started I’m definitely not shy, just ask the guys in Freashtracks and they will tell you.

I must also mention working with the Ski Club at the Ski Show in Battersea was amazing. I loved it, I got to help out on the stall and give a hand with getting people entered in the competition which the Ski Club offered to people. I must say, I think I was a natural at it. Furthermore, whilst at the Ski Show I got to see professional skiers and snowboarders perform; watching it was amazing, the stunts that they pulled off was crazy.

Can I say a big thankyou to everyone working in the office for everything they have done for me this past month. You have all made me feel a part of the office and I am enjoying my time at the Ski Club.

And PS, I must say that although I may not be the best at table tennis, I think I am improving, and I will become the best in the office hopefully.


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