Summer’s Gone – What Will The Winter Bring?

It feels great to be writing again for the ski club of GB. It’s been too long, well a long summer anyway. I am so excited I am writing this entry as it means that its nearly time to put board to snow and begin my winter journey once again. This year, unlike the last, I go in with an open mind, an open heart and a new plan of action.


I signed out last winter saying that season 2015/16 was a bust. That’s fine, it’s okay to have a bad season. I am no stranger to anxiety and troubles about that all-consuming existential question, “Who am I and what and I doing”- If any of you have seen Zoolander then you will know how this line is delivered! People will say, calm down with your 1st world problem, it’s just snow sports and to a certain degree I would agree (there are much bigger problems in the world and I know how lucky I am), but for us in the industry, this is life; snow and winter is life. It’s the dream of deep powder- blue bird days that get us up in the morning and memories of that total elated feeling that keeps us going.

Now, the snow has already begun to fall in the Alps, resorts are opening earlier than ever and the promise of an incredible season is knocking at the door. Over this summer of working non-stop, heading to Malawi, Africa with an incredible charity (@Lovesupportunite on the socials), I feel I developed a new and healthy outlook on the winter. I want to give this winter all the power, energy and resources it needs to make it awesome. That’s why, instead of “half arsing” the plans for the all-girls freeride edit, I am going in head first into it. With the help of an incredible production company (deets to come soon) we will be filming in Cervinia, around the Aosta Valley and Verbier from mid November. I will be documenting travels, stories and much, much more on the socials, so make sure you follow me to find out more.

This edit, I hope, will be a source of inspiration to encourage more females to become involved in freeride. Freeride is not just a discipline, for me it’s about getting back to nature and what is left of the notion of “wild”. I want to show women and girls alike, every stage of the backcountry day from planning, equipment, team skills, the hike and the build up to all incredible decent. Try and tell me there is something better than riding the powder, knee deep with blue skies. I want women to experience the joy too; I find freeride to be so massively empowering and to me, it gives you a sense of strength and responsibility. There is nothing more important than sharing it. I will be heading all over the Alps and beyond with the Freeride World Qualifiers, I am super excited for that too- perhaps even japan.


So basically, cliff notes of my ramblings, stay tuned for more details about the all-girls freeride edit, find me at the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show, I will be around. Stop me, ask me questions and finally follow me on the socials as it’s only two short weeks until I get back to the Cervinia Glacier! @angelicasykesuk for Facebook, Twitter and Insta, Snapchat- angelicasykes.


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