Hamza’s first blog for the Ski Club

We introduce Hamza Alkebida, the latest addition to the Ski Club’s team and our third Apprentice from Snow-Camp. This fantastic youth charity offers kids from inner-city areas the chance to hit the slopes and gain experience in the snow sports industry – which is exactly what Hamza is up to with us until Christmas! Here is what he has to say about his first couple of weeks in the office:

Well, my past two weeks in the Ski Club of Great Britain has been a very enjoyable experience, everyone in the office is really friendly and have welcomed me with open arms. At first I was quite shy and quiet, however after talking to everyone and getting to know them that has changed.

In the past few weeks I have been working with my mentor/boss Chris in the communications (comms) department, alongside Harriet and Nicole. I must say that in this department work is never ending, there’s always something to do, but I guess it does keep you busy, which if you ask me isn’t a bad thing.


Hamza – fourth from the right has joined us for 3 month from Snow-Camp

During my time at the communications department I have completed a few projects and tasks that I was set out to do by the team. For example, I was given a task by Chris to research and collect data about the ski World Cup. But I must say working in the Ski Club has its perks; in the last two weeks alone I have learnt and taken in so much new information, which is quite surprising if you ask me. Now thanks to the team I know so much new information about where resorts are, how they work and how the snow sports industry works both on the slopes and behind the scenes in the offices and so on.

One of the most enjoyable tasks I was set out to do was helping Nicole and Harriet with the magazine and reviewing the different resorts. One of the reasons being why I enjoyed it so much was because it was quite a creative task and I got to work on the special design software program (InDesign) that the Ski Club has.

However, it isn’t all just work, work, work at the Ski Club, during the lunch time period everyone congregates around the table tennis table that’s in the back of the club. As soon as I heard  about the table tennis table I was off like a flash, all I wanted to do was play it, and it was a great way to get to know everyone else from the different departments. If you ask me, I think I’m one of the best in the club! [Big claim – Ed.)


There will be a picture of Hamza working here soon – but for now snowboarding during his time at the Snow Centre will do (he’s second from the left)

Just as a whole the Ski Club of Great Britain is amazing. I didn’t quite think I would fit in an office job as I enjoy the more practical side of things, however it was definitely worth picking this as a work placement, due to the fact that my knowledge of the snow sports industry is growing day by day. I believe that I’m going to enjoy the rest of my time here and hope to gain more knowledge.

Last thing, I cannot wait for the London Ski Show to arrive – I must admit I’m looking forward to seeing people perform and working on the Ski Club stall.


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