Shayleigh’s final blog for the Ski Club

Firstly I want to talk about my time with the Membership department – to be honest out of all the departments I’ve worked in, this one was probably the calmest. I think this has something to do with the department being quite interactive with the Ski Club members, and they spend most of the time on the phone dealing with people who want to join the club, or if people have problems that need dealing with.

I spent most of my time sorting through ski resorts, which took me a while as there were so many and so much information to take in. This was good for me as I got to find out about more resorts and what they have to offer.

Whilst at the Ski Club I have enjoyed every bit of it and they really took into consideration my preferred areas of work. For example, I love to write – I could write for days and the Ski Club really took that on board and I got to do a lot of writing. This helped me a lot with widening my vocabulary.

Although I did also love being away from my desk doing the more practical and creative jobs given to me by the different departments. Getting the Ski Club ready for the Manchester and London ski shows played a big part in that.

I loved how fast I got to know everyone – they were all so friendly. I’m not the most outspoken and confident person going, but here at the Ski Club it was just like being at Snow Camp working with the others – Jade, Karl, Asher, Dillon (and Lara and Gav of course). I think that’s what made my time here easier and fly by.

Shayleigh Kitto

Overall my time at the Ski Club has been enjoyable and I got to see a different perspective of the snow sports industry. I’m used to seeing and meeting the athletes – the actual skiers and snowboarders, but I really do feel that the people that actually work in these environments should get just as much publicity as the athletes. So much work and effort goes into things like Ski+board magazine, or the actual booking of a holiday, or sorting out the resorts for Leaders and even the media side of things – it’s tiring just to watch (ha-ha) the guys here give up weekends upon weekends, and even if they’re off ill they’re still working from home to get things done. This really taught me something about commitment, determination and also perseverance. I’ll remember all of this if my skiing career doesn’t go to plan!

My time at the Ski Club of Great Britain has been truly amazing – I’ve learnt so much and this has been a massive learning curve for me. I am so grateful they took me on with open arms and let me be a part of a great team they have here. All the hard work that has been put into giving me a great experience has definitely paid off – I’ve learnt so much and this experience will help me massively in getting to where I want my career to take me in the snow sports industry.

Thank you to the Ski Club of Great Britain – it was amazing being part of your team and for now goodbye!

PS. Good luck to Ocean on moving back out to her home town in NEW ZEALAND! Have a wonderful time. The Ski Club is losing a great character (pps. thanks for the buffs they will come in handy!)


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