Shayleigh’s Blog: Part 3

Hi – my name’s Shayleigh and I’m doing a 3-month apprenticeship at the Ski Club from Snow Camp.

Shayleigh Kitto

I’ve been so busy at the Ski Club of Great Britain these past few weeks, I haven’t had a chance to do my blog for the different departments I’ve been working with – oops!

Here’s an update on what I’ve been doing…


My time with Commercial Services was brilliant. I worked with Simone, Jackie and Tim throughout my time with them, even though Jackie didn’t even know who I was and why I was looking over at the desk…until Simone told her – she must have thought I was completely weird! On one of the days I was put to the test of clearing out the stationary cupboard (it’s huge), with help of course. It took me and Simone a while to do it as it looked like a bomb had just been set off inside of it – haha! After we’d cleared it out we put everything back in the correct place, labeled the boxes up and… put all the envelopes back in the correct boxes (I don’t think anybody understands how many envelopes there were – TOO MANY!) Anyway, back to the blog – after I did that I had the job of making the prizes for the Ski Club Bake Off – basically I had to get the wooden spoons and take off the stickers – I know, what a hard job… but seriously what a hard job?! That was a challenge in itself because the barcodes did not want to come off at all! Then I had to use ribbon to make bows and stick them on the spoons. Luckily I used to sow and knit with my Nan and I know all about making bows. Not that making bows has anything to do with that – but I thought I’d throw that in the mix – haha. I’m not going to lie, it took FOREVER but it was fun and worth it!

I also helped Tim do some pricing up of all the stuff they bought – I don’t like numbers at ALL… just saying!

When Simone and Tim weren’t in I spent my time with Jackie… just having a laugh and working of course. You should have seen me and Jackie trying to work the TFL website – it’s harder then it seems.

Overall I enjoyed my time with Commercial Services very much.


My time with Events was spent mostly with Rachel, getting ready for the ski shows (Manchester and London). We had the job of getting everything needed for the shows from the garage and putting it in place for the people coming to collect it. This involved moving A LOT of boxes full of membership brochures, leaflets, Freshtracks brochures, oyster card holders and loads more. I actually think we moved 60 boxes of stuff – and they were so heavy (just thought I’d let you know that important detail)…. plus loads more stuff. If you guys saw the garage you would understand. We had a right laugh – I don’t think I have cried with laughter so much in one day! Then when I thought that it was over we had to move it all back a few days later – I know right.. .my back was in bits. But it was a laugh so I didn’t mind.

I definitely enjoyed my time with events!


My time with Partnerships was spent mostly with Beth (PR Manager), doing a lot of jobs with newspapers. I basically had to look through loads of newspapers and put into a table the publication, the journalist, the date etc. I then moved on to doing some mailings – I had to find the head office addresses of companies that are in contact with the Ski Club, write them down and then write a letter for each person – and include that with the new consumer research report. I then used the franking machine to weigh it and make a Ski Club stamp. This was new to me – using the machine seemed a bit daunting but it was OK once Beth showed me how to use it. I then moved on to wrapping a competition prize for someone – it was a bag with quite a few bits and bobs inside. I had to first wrap it in bubble wrap, then brown paper – just like a Christmas present (yes, I am excited for Christmas!) I then had to take all the envelopes downstairs (there was so many and they were heavy) and the bag down to the place where the postman collects everything.

After that was done I was back working on the newspapers but doing a different table – this one was more fun for me as I spent most of the time getting sucked into reading the articles. I had to read the specific articles and then enter them into the corresponding columns, marked title, publication, overview, example Q

Overall my time with partnerships has been fun and I have enjoyed my time with them.


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