Shayleigh’s Blog: Part Two


My 2 weeks with Freshtracks were fantastic because I got to do so many things during my time there – like updating photos of resorts for the Ski Club’s website, and sorting through Leaders details’ for the diaries that stay in the Ski Club office for Freshtracks to access. The information also helps Freshtracks identify and get hold of certain Leaders quickly (#importantjob).

The Freshtracks team welcomed me with open arms, which was lovely. They were so friendly, which helped me feel at ease. I was intrigued before I even started with them, what it was they actually did and once I got there it was like a whole different story compared to being with Communications. I got to witness holidays being booked left right and centre… the phones do not stop ringing so it’s not easy being a Freshtracks team member!

Shayleigh Kitto

Freshtracks was such a great experience overall – at some points it was quite laid-back and relaxed and at other points it was a bit full on and much harder work – for example I had to help Owen, Jack and Alex (members of the Freshtracks team) to get around 20-30 suitcases cleaned out (they were full of old papers from last year’s programme, and to Owens surprise a lovely pair of men’s underwear was found in the suitcase he was cleaning, which made everyone chuckle…even Owen). We cleaned and updated the suitcases and made up new folders of important documents (around 190 in total, full of around 25 papers each) and we had to make sure each of the suitcases were the same and had the same documents in, as they were going off to different resorts.

I finished my time with Freshtracks with the good old mighty stapling job given kindly to me by Jonny – I just had to staple 1 of each different papers together (3 in total) to make up packs for Jonny and there were a lot, and I mean a lot, of papers being printed ready for me to staple, which I didn’t mind at all it was a relaxing way to spend my last hours with the Freshtracks team.

I really enjoyed my time with Freshtracks and I now move on to more fun around the office. See ya soon Freshtracks – thanks for the warm welcome!


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