Shayleigh’s Blog: Part One

Hi, my name’s Shayleigh and I have just started my 3 month placement at the Ski Club of Great Britain. I started on Thursday, 17th September and my interview was the day just before. I think it’s okay to say that I was very nervous but I was sure that it would be a good day as we had a presentation on the same day as the interview. This was nice because I got to see the kind of work the Ski Club does before I started.Shayleigh Kitto

The next day I started my first proper day and I got to meet everyone properly – this was nice because I got to know all the people I was going to be working with, as I only met Elliot & Ocean on my interview day – they’re all such a friendly bunch! It’s nice to be in such a relaxed environment – something I’m not entirely used to – ha-ha! The work I had to complete first was set by Ocean who talked me through what I had to do. It was a research job just to start me off, looking through articles on websites and searching for photos, which was fun.

Then I was given some work by Beth (PR Manager) – this was researching stories on the ex-Olympic skier, Chemmy Alcott. This was all about news reports and I had to put different information into a spread sheet. This was good because I had done things like this at school. This task was a bit different to the task set before, but that’s good because different IS good!

That was all in the first week – it doesn’t seem like a lot but it was loads of different tasks rolled into one –which may I add is very time consuming. Now onto my second week and Colin (Ski+board Magazine Editor) had set me some tasks which involved the Ski Club discount side of things. I’m still not done with this one as there are A LOT of discounts… but at the minute I’ve got 3 jobs on the go, 2 of which do not have a deadline date so it’s a more dip in, dip out job.

Well now I’m doing some stuff for Elliot which I thought I finished but actually wasn’t. I had to research 28 countries and find around 6 or more pictures that really show the resort’s potential, this took a bit of time but it was good to see many resorts I hadn’t even heard of. With a few more countries on top of the 28 I had already done I’m still going strong –ha-ha.

I’m about to finish my stint with the Communications department, and next week I start working with the Freshtracks holidays department, which I’m really looking forward to.


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