Our TOP 5 snowboard and ski blogs

As a content creator, blog enthusiast, and serial procrastinator, I love to trawl the internet and follow interesting and creative individuals. During my research this week at the Ski Club, I’ve stumbled across a few gems that are worth a gander above and beyond our own.

Aimee Fuller’s Blog

As an Olympic Slopestyle Athlete, BBC commentator and genuinely one of the raddest female riders on the pro circuit, Aimee Fuller is one to watch. Whether you’re following her professional career or just her every day antics, this blog provides an outgoing and honest look into her rise to the top of women’s snowboarding.

Aime Fuller headshot

Frendly Presents

Frendly Presents is a blog by snowboarders Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis. They thrive off sharing content that makes people laugh, and the blog follows them around the world snowboarding as well as on their journey to launch an annual music festival. Their camaraderie driven stories are backed up with video clips and webisodes from Frendsvision – their YouTube channel, and also gives a glimpse into the crazy shenanigans of pro-snowboarders.

Guys in caravan with guitars

The Mustachio

The Mustacheers feed in a daily dose of shrednews. Not the boring kind, but a selection of the best things snowboarding has to offer; kit, travel stories, gossip, action-packed videos and more. Personally I love their collection of snowsports films – old and new, including the legendary Nixon Jibfest (originally on VCR). And I’m also a fan of the ‘sort by popularity’ function.

The Mustachio

Elena Pressprich

This site is dedicated to many outdoor sports and not just skiing. It’s photo heavy, and the pictures can’t help but make you smile. Elena’s ALWAYS scrambling mountains, hiking, petting her dog or skiing, and is a team leader for the Outdoor Women’s Alliance. Her life goal (one of many) is to inspire women to enjoy the great outdoors and I must admit her stunning photographs are doing a pretty good job of inspiring me…

sunset with ski skins

pow turns in oregon

Unofficial Networks

The self-proclaimed ski bums guide to outdoor news. This was once a ‘blog’ that snowballed out of control and turned into the hulk. This is a goldmine of hilarious videos and addictive reading, and can suck you in for hours. Browse the ski or snowboard categories and you won’t miss a single piece of viral sharing.

Unofficial Networks Website

Please feel free to comment and share some of your favorites. Always grateful for the extra viewing 🙂

Ocean Belcher Editor


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