Jasmine’s Blog – the final entry!

Jasmine Jones is an apprentice with Snow Camp.  She’s been on a work placement with the Ski Club since January, and as her time with the Club comes to an end, she looks back on the experience she’s gained.

Thursday 30th April is my last day at the Ski Club.

I’ve really enjoyed my time at the Ski Club and I have learned loads whilst I have been here. I have had a chance to work in every department – Freshtracks, Member Services, Partnerships and Events and Communications. I’ve done a wide range of different things whilst I’ve been here, from making Leader packs in Freshtracks to updating the resort information in Memberships. I have also attended some meetings. Many of the tasks I was given were tiring but still enjoyable. One thing I have learnt whilst I’ve been here is that research takes a long time, and no matter how long you look sometimes you still can’t find what you are looking for. I know this as I have been given many interesting research tasks while I have been here.

Some of the research tasks I did were: ways to ski on a budget, extreme snow sports, romantic ski destinations, snow world records and 20 hottest professionals in the ski and snowboard industry.  I have also helped to find pictures and questions for Buzzfeed. I did most of these research tasks in the Communications department.

While I was in Freshtracks I had an introduction on how to use Summit (the Ski Club’s database system) which is quite confusing. I also had an introduction to sales. Other things I did were making Leader packs and helping with brochure requests.

In Member Services I spent the week updating the resort information on the Ski Club website – some things I had to update were lift pass prices, how many lifts, resort altitudes, how many nurseries and snow parks they have and writing up an intro for each resort.

In Partnerships and Events I gathered information from different companies, including contact information and websites that could be future partners of the Ski Club.

To carry on my Snow-Camp apprenticeship I have to go to a work placement during the week, so as I have been in two offices since I started my apprenticeship, one small and one big, I am going for an interview to have my next placement in a shop for a change, and to gain some different experience. It is obviously going to be a big difference from working in an office so I’m not really sure what to expect – because I have only worked in a shop for a small amount of time, doing voluntary work when I was still back at school for my local youth club’s shop.

I have had a really good time here at the Ski Club, and would like to thank everyone for having me and making me feel welcome.


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