Hiking without borders on the Alpe Adria Trail

From the eternal ice glacier high on the Grossglockner, to the azure blue of the Adriatic Sea, the Alpe Adria trail is a journey of discovery between borders and cultures. Crossing between three countries – Slovenia, Austria and Italy, this easy-to-walk pleasure leads you through alpine terrain and alongside stunning mountain lakes. It’s no wonder the trail is commonly referred to as ‘Hiking the Garden of Eden’.Mountain View from Kranjska Gora

Catering for many abilities, the routes along this trail range from easy day trips to multi-day treks through jagged peaks, and each ‘stage’ is graded by difficulty. This makes it easy to choose the routes that best serve your needs, and puts the walker in control of their own itinerary.

I experienced just this when doing multiple stages of the trail recently. As a new hiker – virgin to the trials of multi-day hikes, I set out to earn my stripes on the Alpe Adria. Here’s a few excerpts from my hiking diary:

Stage 20: Ossiach to Velden, Austria.

It was one of those mornings with the low hanging cloud, where you feel like the sky may swallow you whole. The mountainside – lush after the spring rain and melting snow, is lost to the fog like a scene from Gorillas in the Mist. The forest is rich with the sounds of running water, and the plight of the woodpecker reverberates in my ears like the sound of tribal drums.

As we hike upwards through a small mountain gorge, we slip and slide on mossy rocks and our eyes are glued to the ground. Vast handfuls of Fire Salamander are scattered throughout the foliage and we are mindful not to stand on them as we weave our way upwards.

This stage begins uphill with dense alpine forest, and breaks into a trail following old forestry vehicle paths around lakes and pine. Should you get hungry you can take a leaf from the book of our guide – and pick yourself handfuls of watercress to eat.

Expect to see wooden hunting hideouts, views of Ossiach from above, and stumble across an agricultural museum in Kostenberg.

Eating Watercress

Eat the fresh watercress, if you dare.

Stage 20 Alpe Adria

Stage 20 Alpe Adria

Hiking the forestry roads

Hiking in a gorge

Weaving through the gorge

Fire Salamander

Fire Salamander

Kranjska Gora and the Fusine Lakes, Slovenia

The two lakes look like they’ve been infused with milk. Rich in calcium and fed from an underground spring, they reflect the stunning mountain views of towering peaks more than 900m above.

The kaleidoscope of green around me changes with the seasons, and you can’t help but feel like this place is magical. The water ripples as fish break the surface and I keep wishing I’d packed some bread to feed them.

As we make our way around the edge of the lakes, we weave in and out around huge slabs of limestone rock that have been deposited through the valley by an ancient glacier. They stand unmoveable among the trees and are rumoured to be the biggest free-standing rocks in Europe – A mecca for climbers and boulderers who trail ahead of us with climbing mats and chalk bags.

Our guide assures us that climbing these monstrosities is ‘not so hard’ and convinces us to follow him up a near vertical sliding slope of roots, rocks, and dirt. A climb not for the faint-hearted, but the view was 100% worth it (just don’t think about climbing back down).

View of Lake with Ocean Belcher

View from on top of the ‘largest rock in Europe’.

_DSC0172 _DSC0167

Blue glacial lake water

The colour of the water never ceased to amaze me.

Fusine Lake with boats

Fusine Lakes

Fusine Lakes

Stage 24 in the Triglav National Park. Borders Slovenia and Italy

We transferred overnight into Triglav National Park via a steep mountain pass with 55 switchbacks. Game of the moment – try not to lose your lunch.

We were so deep in the heart of the valley that you’d only know the sky exists if you looked directly upwards. The mountains seemed to close in above you they’re so steep, and we ambled alongside the path of the picturesque Soča river.

Walking for hours you don’t meet another soul, until in the depths of the trail you stumble across little mountain abodes like so.

Tiny mountain town in Slovenia Mountain home next to the Soca River House alongside Soca River

Life here seems so perfect, hiding away from the world. These two old souls were living in solitude, cooking in an outdoor wood fire, and drying their washing in the crisp mountain air. Smiling and waving, you can tell they’re content. This truly is the Garden of Eden.

View through the trees

The River Soca

The River Soca

The River Soca

Ocean travelled care of the Slovenian Tourist Board. Packages can be purchased directly via the Alpe Adria Trail website or in Slovenia at the Soča Valley Tourist Board office. 

Prices start at £148 pp which include:

  • 3 nights in selected hotel, double room on half board or bed & breakfast with dinner in farmhouse-locanda.
  • Alpe Adria Trail Map/information
  • Private Transfer from Trieste to Prosecco
  • One-Way Boat Ticket Muggia-Trieste

Ocean Belcher Editor


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