Jasmine’s Blog – Week 3

Our intrepid Snow Camp Apprentice, Jasmine, is writing a weekly blog about her time at the Ski Club.  Here’s what she got up to in week 3 – although she wasn’t actually in the office.  Instead, she was making all the staff extremely jealous by being on work experience in Les Gets, enjoying all the fresh snow…


This is my first day back at the Ski Club office since being out in Les Gets, France for 5 days. So I’m going to write about how it went.

I left for Les Gets on Sunday 25 January with another Snow Camp Apprentice, Deana. On Monday we started with skiing. We started the day with an instructor from a ski school called Alpine Learning Curves, which we were going to be helping out with. First, our instructor Ed helped us to recap on our skiing skills, as we are both snowboarders and haven’t skied in a few months and needed improvement. We then got the hang of skiing quite quickly, so after about two hours we left Ed and went out with the people we were staying with, Joe and Barbara Beer, for a tour of the mountains.

Trying out our skiing skills

Trying out my skiing skills

Day 2

On our second day we took back all our skiing equipment and got back on our snowboards, as we were shadowing a lesson and wanted to know we were able to keep up with them (as we didn’t know their ability on skis). Whilst we were shadowing the lesson we learnt some of the fundamentals of skiing and snowboarding, which will help me when I do my BASI later this year. After shadowing the lesson for their first run we then realised we should have stayed on skis, as we were roughly the same ability and kept getting stuck on flats on our snowboards. We kept having to take them off which made the lessons longer, so after about an hour we went off on our own for a bit until lunch, and then we went back out with the people we were staying with.  A couple of the places we went were the Indian Park and the Bear Run,  which are mainly for younger people but it was still  good fun. The Bear Run is better for skiers as it is quite narrow with sharp turns so we were constantly falling over!

On the Bear Run

On the Bear Run

Day 3

On day 3, which was our last day of snowboarding, we didn’t go out so early as we were exhausted. So we went to Mont Chery and took out the dog of the people we were staying with, but this took about an hour and we’d left our snowboards in the car.  So as we were so exhausted we just sat down and basically sledged the whole way down. After that we got our snowboards and went back to Mont Chery. On the way down Mont Chery we noticed that they had a park with some rails so we stayed there for a while, and then went back to Chavannes where we had been snowboarding before.

In the mountains

In the mountains

Day 4

Thursday 29 Jan.  This was our last day at Les Gets. My flight wasn’t until 2pm but it was snowing quite heavily were we were staying, and I thought there may be problems getting to the airport – so I got a transfer and left early. As I got closer to the airport it wasn’t snowing anymore, it was raining – so the journey was fine, but that meant I had to spend four hours in the airport on my own!

I would like to thank Joe and Barbara Beer for providing us with such a great experience.  I would also like to thank Sagets Lifts for our discounted lift passes ,  Jordan’s Sports for providing us with skiing equipment, and SnoKart for giving us luggage.

We are so grateful for the support given from all our fantastic partners.

I have just changed departments at the Ski Club from Communications to Freshtracks, so I’ll be writing about how it goes at the end of the week.

Jasmine Rose Jones.


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