15 Weird and Wonderful Snow World Records

1) Biggest Snowboard – 10m by 2.15m

It’s a lonely life as a solo boarder and days on the slopes are always more fun with a group of friends. But how can you overcome this challenge if your friends are too timid to learn? Easy. Build the world’s biggest snowboard so all 20 friends can come along for the ride. This game-changer was constructed and trialed in Switzerland and measures 10m long.

2) Highest Air – Terje Hakonsen

During the qualifying round of the infamous 2007 Arctic Challenge in Oslo, the Norwegian big mountain legend Terje Hakonsen sailed a whopping 9.8 metres [32.2 feet] into the air off a quarter-pipe. If Terje’s name sounds familiar, you may have seen him in the snowboarding documentary ‘First Decent’ alongside snowboarding legends Shaun White and Travis Rice.

3) Fastest speed on a snowboard towed by a vehicle – Jamie Barrow

Jamie Barrow attached a rope to the back of a car and set a speed record of 111.8kph on his first and only attempt. This record was actually a time killer while waiting for some electric jet engines to charge for another world record her was trying to break – snowboarding with jet engines

4) Highest Cliff Jump – Fred Syversen, 105m

Jamie Pierre, a big name in free skiing held the world record for the highest cliff drop at 75m. That is, until Fred Syversen smashed this when he “accidentally” hit a 105m cliff drop through one of his lines this year.

5) Largest Cross Country Ski Race – 15,800 skiers, Vasaloppet, Sweden.

Vasaloppet is an annual long distance (90 km) cross-country ski race held on the first Sunday of March in north-western Sweden. In 2011 15,800 skiers gathered to battle it out on the 90km route making it the largest cross country ski race in history.

Photo Credit- Guinness World Records

Photo Credit- Guinness World Records

6) Largest Group Trick – 54 Simultaneous Indie Grabs

Nothing could be more fun than setting a world record with a massive crew of your closest snowboarding buddies, right? Well that’s how this world record went down at Chill Factore in Manchester. 60 rid­ers simul­ta­ne­ously attempted to land an Indie grab, however six par­tic­i­pants were dis­qual­i­fied since judges only counted those who suc­cess­fully landed the jump. Over 54 landings were still successful, setting a new world record.

7) Largest Indoor Ski Slope – SnowWorld, Landgraaf

The UK doesn’t do too badly on the indoor slope front. But when you compare our largest indoor slope– Chill Factore in Manchester at 180m, with SnowWorld at Landgraaf in the Netherlands, we quickly become emasculated. With a total of 35,000m² of snow, five slopes (the longest of which is 520m), seven lifts and a terrain park, it’s the largest indoor ski facility in the world.

8) Longest Tabletop Jump – Mad Jonsson, 57 Meters.

In 2005, Mads Jonsson (another Nor­we­gian record-holder) set the record for the world’s longest jump – but that doesn’t even begin to describe the awe­some­ness of his feat. After he spent three weeks con­struct­ing a mas­sive 131-foot table­top in the back­coun­try of Hemsedal, Jon­s­son cat­a­pulted him­self 57 meters (187 feet) while performing a super stylish 180 Indy grab. Terrifying, brilliant, and not easily beaten.

mads jonsson

9) Longest Rollerski Journey: César Baena, Venezuela

Venezuelan competitive cross country skier Cesar Baena smashed his own Guinness world record for cross country roller skiing after completing a 2,500 mile marathon journey. World Record Academy.

10) Most Days Skied Consecutively – 365 days, Arnie Wilson

Arnie Wilson was once an editor of the Ski Clubs Ski+board magazine, and entered the Guinness Book of Records in 1994 after skiing for 365 consecutive days in 240 resorts in 13 countries. He also recently completed a 35 year mission to ski in all 37 US states with ski lifts. A hero in our eyes.

11) Most people simultaneously skiing or snowboarding in swimwear – 700

Ok, so while many of us are guilty of being caught in the snow in our swimwear atleast once, how do you fancy doing it with 700 other skiers and boarders? At Sheregesh Ski Resort, in Novokuznetsk, Russia, 700 people in their bikinis and budgie-smugglers skied down a 700-metre slope to set a new world record. To beat the previous record, 251 bikini-clad riders were needed.

12) Most snow angels made simultaneously – 22,022 people in Nova Scotia

22,022 Nova Scotians in 130 separate locations laid down in the snow at the same time to create snow angels – setting the new world record for the most snow angles made simultaneously. The previous record in Ontario was less than 16 000.

13) Oldest Snowboarder – Banana George

Next time you complain that you’re getting too old for snowsports and your legs just can’t hack the pace, think of George Blair. George (also known as Banana George by his friends thanks to his yellow onsie) continued to tear up the slopes every year until a ripe old age of 92.

Photo Credit - Guinness World Records

Photo Credit – Guinness World Records

14) Youngest Olympic Snowboard Medalist – Ayumu Hirano

While at 15 most of us were sneaking into the pubs and trying our luck at being punk sensations, Ayumu Hirano was making a name for himself in the world of snowboarding. At 15, Hirano won silver in the halfpipe at the Sochi Winter Games in 2014, making him the youngest ever Olympic snowboard medalist.


Hirano pictured on the left

15) World’s Largest Snowball Fight – 6,000 people in Seattle

Weird sports history was made yet again when nearly 6,000 rowdy revellers descended on Seattle Snow Day, to participate in the world’s largest snowball fight. With 162,000 pounds of snow to play with, this sounds like every kids dream .

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