Jasmine’s Blog: My Second Week at the Ski Club

I’m coming to the end of my second week at the Ski Club of Great Britain. I’ve started to know a lot more people – something that helped with that was the social media breakfast meeting, which helped me learn more names and talk to different people.

I am currently still in the Communications Department but this is my last day there for a while as I’ll be moving to Freshtracks for 6 days. Freshtracks is the department in the office where you can book your skiing holiday and be placed with groups of different people that match your skiing ability. Some of the different groups you can go on include touring, off-piste, heli and cat skiing, and development.

During this week I have done many different tasks, including more research tasks which were: ways to ski on a budget, looking at waterproof cameras and updating the image library for each ski resort. I have also looked for different snow videos to be included in a video round-up. My favourites were:

 – Mesmerising footage of midnight LED-suit powder skiing

 – A Sunset Session in The Sierra Nevada Snowpark | EpicTV Choice Cuts 

I also created a calendar of all the employees’ ski holidays and work trips, and at the end of the week I helped make a stop-motion animation. The animation was for a project called “7 resorts in 7 days”. I helped by moving each individual part to create a moving effect. I have enjoyed my second week at the Ski Club of Great Britain as I am learning new things each day.

Next week I am not at the office as I am in Les Gets in France with Alpine Elements, a ski school which I will be helping out with for 5 days. While I’m out there I will be snowboarding but I should also have a couple of days learning how to ski, as I am currently a snowboarder and not very good at skiing. I have tried skiing before but it didn’t go so well, so hopefully it will improve. I’ll write another blog about my trip when I’m back .


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