Jasmine’s Blog: My First Week at the Ski Club

Hi, I’m Jasmine and I’m an apprentice with Snow Camp. Part of being a Snow Camp Apprentice means you get a chance to do a job placement in the snowsports industry.

I’ve just finished my first week at the Ski Club of Great Britain and thought I would write a weekly blog about what I’ve being doing.

At first I was a bit worried about working at a big office as I have previously done placements in smaller offices, but shortly after my interview I was much more confident and looking forward to being here until the end of April. I’ve only been here for a week but have already noticed that the office has a nice friendly atmosphere which makes me feel more confident and comfortable being here.

I’ve started off in the Communications Department, and will be spending time in each of the Club’s departments during my time here.

So far this week I’ve been doing research tasks. One of the research tasks I have done was for Ski+board magazine, which was to compare the prices of different ski and snowboard holidays from past years to the present. I have also done research on youth hostels in ski resorts, ski and snowboard festivals and romantic ski destinations for Valentine’s Day. I’ve just started looking for photos of different ski resorts to help update the Ski Club’s image library. Whilst doing this I have learnt that doing research takes a long time but I have had a good time so far. I’m looking forward to doing more jobs and moving round the different departments in the Ski Club.

Jasmine Week 1

Jasmine working hard on her research tasks.

Snow-Camp is an innovative youth charity that uses a unique combination of skiing, snowboarding and life-skills programmes to support inner-city young people.

Through the combination of snowsports and life-skills, their programmes enable young people to grow in confidence and self-esteem, develop as individuals and make positive choices for their lives.

Read more at www.snow-camp.org.uk


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