Not every ‘A’ is good…

Deux Alpes Iglu SkiSki+board Deputy Editor Rosie Barcroft takes an early-season trip to Les 2 Alpes to brush up on her technique with the European Ski and Snowboard School.

It seemed I had an outrigger problem. Two in fact. The ‘flying’ feeling (as described in my previous blog) was just a figment of my imagination. A St Bernard could have easily crawled through the massive ‘A Frame’ I was creating with my legs. I thought I would have to rewind and start again, luckily not.

“That can easily be fixed”, said James Lister, from the European Ski and Snowboard School. “No, really!” he said, as I was obviously still looking a bit crestfallen.

“You just need to put some power back in your outside ski, because at the moment you’re putting too much weight on your inside leg, therefore creating misalignment”, he said, making it sound all too simple. Which it probably was, to him.

Les Deux Alpes glacier

Conquering the ‘A Frame’ high on the Les Deux Alpes glacier

Early the next morning we were back on the glacier at Les Deux Alpes, France and I was keen to improve.

“Every time you carve round a turn, pick up your inside ski”, said James. “Have more confidence in your outside leg. And then start thinking about big toe, little toe. Use that rocking motion, and those edges.”

So I did.

Up and down the blue run I went, the instructions constantly running through my head while James gave me a stream of feedback, to the extent that after an hour I felt like a different skier. Perhaps one that could ski? Well, I’ll let everyone else on the slopes decide.

For more information:

European Ski and Snowboard School

Les Deux Alpes

Rosie Barcroft



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