Guest blog: ‘Alpoholics’ helps with university ski trip nostalgia

powder_kicker_Charlie_Bulbrook_2.jpgGuest blogger Tord Nilson takes a trip to La Plagne with ‘Alpoholics’. University ski trips days might be over, but the fun of heading to the mountains with a big group of mates lives on…

If you’re like me then you will agree that one of the best things about going to University was the annual ski trip. If you’re to believe the newspapers it’s all about getting hammered, stripping naked and throwing up everywhere. In reality, well, that’s pretty much the reality…

However if you look beyond the clichés, it’s a week where old friends get closer and new friends are discovered. For some it is a rite of passage more than it is a holiday. Whilst I was at University I organised two of these trips for around 150 people. With an immense amount of powder, friends and a few jägerbombs chucked in, they proved to be some of best times I’ve ever had.

I’m now in my mid-20s and the nostalgia has started to kick in. I’ve been longing for that University ski-trip feel again; a big bunch of mates heading off to enjoy skiing, life and everything in between, without the costs spiralling out of control. So I began thinking, is there anybody who offers this kind of trip? After scouring the Internet, I stumbled across Alpoholics (yes, fitting name huh?) and got in contact with the owner Charlie Bulbrock. Charlie knew exactly where I was coming from, and yes he could give 12 of us a fully catered chalet for a very reasonable price of £400 per person.

Alpoholics 'Chalet Blanchot' at La Plagne 1800

Alpoholics ‘Chalet Blanchot’ at La Plagne 1800

Alpoholics is a one-chalet business (although about to expand to two chalets) based in La Plagne. With the ability to ski out the door, close proximity to some great bars and sporting a hot tub, it had everything we could have hoped for and more! The chalet boasts 12 beds in 5 rooms, a large lounge with a Playstation, along with a dining room where Benny the Chef serves up some of the best food I have ever had on a ski trip. During the evening Charlie even works his way around the table making sure everyone’s glasses are topped up with free beer and wine.

Another awesome feature at Alpoholics is the Bateleon Snowboards demo pool where guests can pick and choose any board they fancy for the day. Shredding off-piste? Grab yourself a pow board! Fancy a day in the park? Just switch it up to a freestyle board. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to take a board with them or who would prefer not to rent.

Photo: Charlie Bulbrook

Photo: Charlie Bulbrook

We had timed our trip perfectly with record-breaking falls that kept on dumping. So after Charlie scribbled some sketches on our piste map, we ventured off to discover just why people love to shred La Plagne. After the first pillow drop, we knew exactly why!
One of the reasons for wanting to go in a big group was so we could keep a diverse collection of skiers and snowboarders happy. From complete beginners who went into the excellent La Plagne ski schools to very advanced skiers and boarders who lapped up the off-piste under the Adrets lift all day, everyone was catered for and everyone had someone to ride with. Each lunchtime we met up to eat and chat about our morning, before shooting off in different groups to discover new terrain. It was such an easy holiday, without the usual politics you get with smaller groups.

The great thing with La Plagne is that if the weather or snow is rubbish, you can grab the huge gondola over to Les Arcs to enjoy the fantastic tree runs that protect that side of the valley. One thing is for sure, you won’t get bored of this place in a hurry!

So to the summary of this article; if you are a bit bored of travelling in a small group and you fancy reliving your University ski trip days, this is definitely for you. It might sound somewhat crazy to have 12 people on one trip but in truth Alpoholics made it surprisingly easy to organise. Travelling this way also gives everybody somebody to shred with, which means no individual will feel left out. So pack your thermals, grab your Jägermeister and get the old crew together because Alpoholics and La Plagne will give you one of the best holidays you will ever experience, and for a superb price to boot.

For more information: Alpoholics

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