The Pro Files: Arriving in Mayrhofen

What does it take to become a professional skier? This season we’ll be following UK freeskier Ross Welch to find out. 

So, I have just arrived in Mayrhofen where i will be spending the next five months training for upcoming competitions. It was a long drive but worth every second as on our first day we were graced with a bluebird day and great conditions throughout. Before I show you a brief run through of the park here’s some exciting news about a recent event in London, The O’Neill Shoreditch Showdown.

The venue was insane, O’Neill had dumped over 50 tonnes of snow in a section of Shoreditch and created a ‘street’ set-up including two rails, a bus stop, a phone box, a post box and benches for us to grind, gap and air our way onto the podium. There were 550 competition winners, press and staff amongst the onlookers as we pulled out every trick under the sun over 4 hours!

We initially had practice for 1 hour, qualification for another hour, a break where the field was then cut down to 12 riders where I had managed to qualify 4th. Semi-finals lasted for another hour and 10 minutes, after which I had finals, going head to head against 3 other riders. Finally we battled it out one-on-one for the podium which ended up looking like this:

1st – Tyler Harding
2nd – Ross Welch
3rd – George Walton

I had such a fun time at this event and I definitely felt the benefits of my pre-season training!

Back to my current status, take a look at this short video run through of Mayrhofens medium park. Looking forward to keeping you updated over the next few weeks! (The big park is still under construction – more news on that soon)

Ross Welch

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