Don’t ever follow me down a mountain!

Ski+board Deputy Editor Rosie Barcroft tries her skiing skills out on the Skiers Edge Boot Master and realises she’s more plank-like than swan-like…

It’s not every day you receive critique from an Olympic skier.

“You ski like a tree trunk!” exclaimed Graham Bell (who competed in the Olympics five times). I looked up at him with my eyebrows raised. “Well, a small one”, he added, as if that would help.

However, I wasn’t in the Alps, I was in Profeet, Fulham. And I wasn’t on skis, but the Skiers Edge Boot Master, a specifically designed machine that allows you to train at a gradient in ski boots.


Before the comments, sweat and tears…

After clipping on my boots and clicking into the machine (with Graham’s help) I started to push from side to side, like I was carving down a slope. Not only does the unique machine allow you to test your boots for fit, but assess your skiing ability too. The boots were borrowed, so I knew they weren’t perfect. But I thought my skiing was better. Apparently not…

“You need to work on your upper and lower body detachment”, continued Graham. “Make sure your left leg stays strong”. I gritted my teeth, not from anger but determination to prove him wrong, and to keep the momentum going. By this time I was definitely sweating and couldn’t smile for the camera that was being flashed in my direction.


Graham Bell shows everyone how it’s done!

“Rosie’s actually made it look like you can snowplough on Skiers Edge”, was another comment I overheard. Right, that did it!

Although it sounds like I was acting as a sponge for ‘insults’, (and in a way I was) the feedback was paying off. I started to make sure I flexed forward, I allowed my feet to go from big toe to little toe. I lessened my grip on the bar forcing my upper and lower body to start working separately. And I kept my left leg in alignment.

It was an intense five minutes, but it definitely helped. As I stepped down from the machine I felt I had actually achieved something. And although I’ll probably lose it before going skiing, at least I’ll know what to look out for when I do.

For more information:

Skiers Edge Boot Master:

Profeet, Fulham: (Ski Club members receive 20% discount.)

Graham Bell:

Rosie Barcroft


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