Powder Matt’s Blog: It’s all about SNOW!

Matt Mosteller on why you should visit Fernie, British Columbia.

What’s all the hype? All ski resorts talk about how great their snow is. Some even going to the extremes of creating snowy pictures to satisfy the insatiable thirst created by the skiing and snowboarding communities for powder porn. Many broadcast promotional terms like white gold, cold smoke, powder paradise, snow oh so deep, deepest, driest, lightest and so on. Lots of talk but there are only a handful that deliver the goods. Deep and consistent powder snow.


Fernie has a Griz (mascot) snow cam – check out damage storm did him! (Photo: Robin Siggers)

Fernie, British Columbia, located along the famed Powder Highway, the only city-class municipality in Canada that is fully encircled by the Rocky Mountains (Canadian Rockies) just 1 hour from Canadian Rockies International Airport is one of the few ski resorts in the world that delivers the goods. Close to 40 feet of snow a winter which can mean your own fresh tracks long after a storm or for those who love straight stats on average, one out of every 3 days is a powder day.

Fall brings the mountains alive. Anticipation builds as the leafs fall, winds blow and skiing enthusiasts throw parties to celebrate the season of change. Skiers and snowboarders have this craze for snow that goes beyond other sports’ conventional rituals, as the snow starts to fall, the jacket-cladded hordes go to the extremes to celebrate the coming white by doing rituals like donning bizarre costumes, doing strange dances and chucking old skis (wooden of course) into a giant bonfire.


Skiing deep powder at Fernie on 3 November (Photo: Robin Siggers)

Snow dances work here. Standing recently on top of the world, where the new Polar Peak lift unloads on one of those Fall days after a recent snow dance and guess what started to happen. No joke the flakes began to fall, swirls of crystals started to surround us. Building and feeling like one of those magical Fernie storms, each with their real creative names, Powder Tuesday, or Powder Monday, it continued, sounds now drifting off, muzzled by mass of powder floating in the sky. As each of those major tropical storms have a
name, this snowstorm, dropping over 80 cm that day became ‘Big Sunday’ on
November 3rd.

A place for your own real adventure. The main ingredient is snow but the people, and the Canadian Rockies mountain experience keep the people coming back to Fernie, British Columbia.

Fernie Alpine Resort

Mountains of snow – 19 November at Fernie (Photo: Robin Siggers)

Fernie Alpine Resort is opening early this winter on November 23rd with already a settled snowpack as of November 19th of 145cm and over 70 cm of new snow in 24 hrs again this week, so far this winter we now have Powder Monday, Powder Tuesday, Powder Wednesday….Where every day can be a powder day… just remember to tell your friends that there may be some storm delays (do to you extending your powder stay) and yes because there is the most vertical and ski runs in the Canadian Rockies you do have friends on a powder day!

Powder Matt Mosteller is one of North America’s top ski bloggera, an arctic adventurer, author and adventure travel writer. Check out his latest book ‘Adventurer’s Guide to Living a Happy Life’ available on Amazon, Ibooks or Google Books. He Loves sharing the Canadian Rockies experience and you can frequently find him enjoying the powder at Fernie & Kicking Horse.    www.MattMosteller.org       www.PowderMatt.com


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  1. God I hate you guys. I am here in the Sierras around Tahoe, skiing on almost all man made snow and dreaming of skiing some powder. From the looks of the weather forecast it may never happen this year in this area. How depressing!! I need to make a bunch of money quick so I can travel to where this is some powder – the deeper the better – before I go into completely overwhelming powder withdrawals. I can’t take it no more!!!

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