Accessing foreign currency for a skiing holiday

When you’re out in the mountains on a ski holiday, the last thing that you want to be dealing with is the hassle (not to mention the expense) or exchanging cash or trying to access funds back home. When apres calls… you certainly don’t want to be stuck on the other line trying to unblock your card! So we’ve teamed up with the folks at Travelex to bring you a few tips on how to ensure you don’t get bogged down by money matters when you’re abroad.

Paying for accommodation

You can pay for ski lodging online using a credit card, but this can restrict the options available to you, as many property owners will only accept wired payments.
Plus, the poor exchange rate and charges applied on these transactions mean you can end up paying over the odds.

Instead, use an international bank transfer service and pay the proprietor directly – this means you can avoid the cost of going through a middle man and take your pick of the best accommodation.

Travelex International Payments offer a price promise, which guarantees your money back if you spot a better exchange rate on offer elsewhere.

You can also use the Ski Club Chat Forum to post questions to other Ski Club members about paying for accommodation for your holiday.

Spending money

As a Brit heading on a ski holiday, you’ll need different foreign currencies to pay for things like food and drink while you’re away. Euros in the Alps, Dollars in the USA and Lev in Bulgaria.

You can save time when you’re planning your holiday by ordering online at Travelex (which has a price match guarantee) rather than shopping around for the best rates. Free next day delivery is available, or you can pick up your currency from a local branch in as little as four hours.

If you don’t order travel money in advance, there are outlets in many UK airports too, so you can collect your cash before boarding at Heathrow, Manchester, Glasgow and Robin Hood Airports.

Getting money while abroad

You can’t always calculate exactly how much money you need while on a ski trip, especially if you succumb to the urge to purchase that top-of-the-range jacket, new snowboard boots or the latest powder skis, so it’s good to have strategies in place for withdrawing money when away.

Ski resorts sometimes have ATMs, but using these often means poor exchange rates and hefty bank charges. Research from uSwitch earlier this year revealed that British holidaymakers would spend £327 million on foreign bank charges over the summer. Taking along a prepaid currency card could be a better idea.

You can preload foreign money onto these plastic cards before jetting off and use them just like a regular MasterCard while away, giving you extra security in comparison to cash.
Crucially, many providers allow you to top-up the balance on the card at any time, meaning logging onto the internet or making a quick phone call can quickly equip you with more spending money.

Visit for more information about how you can save money on your next ski holiday.


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