Jasmin’s Blog: British Telemark Indoor Race Series!

Jasmin TaylorJasmin Taylor is 19 years old and competes for Great Britain on the FIS World Cup Telemark ski circuit. She spends the winter months training in Chamonix (Les Houches) and lives in Ipswich during summer.

Yesterday saw the final race in the British Telemark Indoor Race Series at Hemel Hempstead’s Snow Centre! It was a great day with plenty of familiar faces. I convinced some alpine ski racers from the Suffolk Vikings (my roots and very first race team!) to come along and try, I was impressed by how much they progressed in such a short period having been coached by BASI‘s finest instructors! Not only that! We had Sally from Ski Bartlett (providing prizes), Ian Finlay (my ski-cross coach back-in-the-day) from Snowsport England commentating, Adrian Perry as TD, Jack Harvard Taylor as chief of race AND Graham Bell from BBC’s Ski Sunday even took part. Good show! (Plenty of other people that are equally awesome, but just too many to mention!)

Graham Bell

Graham Bell from BBC’s Ski Sunday opening the race and getting psyched with TD, Adrian Perry, watching!

Snow Centre

The Jump! The Gates! The Course!

I was joined by friends for lunch and also my top sponsors – TDS SafeGuard (destroy-it.com) who came to support and watch. Luckily, I skied quite well and won the race overall. The boys didn’t make it easy for me, on the first run I was in 2nd position behind ex-national french team skier, Rémi Fradet, but managed to pull it back on the second run 🙂

All in all, a great day for British Telemark, racing and really good fun! I can’t wait to do it all again next summer. Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and the GB Telemark Team website for more news and photos from the racing!

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