Have you read your copy of Elevation magazine yet?

Ski Club staff are an active bunch. At least half of us cycle to work. A quarter play tennis. Some play football. Many surf. A few play netball. One even rows. And now we’ve cottoned on to the fact there’s beach volleyball down the road in Wimbledon Park…

Thinking about it, we’re probably just as active, if not more so during the summer. We all want to take advantage of the warmer temperatures and brighter days. And from the many others we meet doing this; it’s obvious we’re not alone.

Elevation magazine cover

Elevation magazine cover

Elevation magazine was created out of everyone’s enthusiasm for staying active when the snow melts and our need to make the most of the (slightly unreliable) sunny weather. It’s filled with tales from the sea, marathons taking place across the world and of course, summer skiing (for those of you who aren’t ready to stop just yet).  After all, we’re still the Ski Club of Great Britain!

Members of the Ski Club should all have a hard copy of Elevation arriving in their letterboxes and it’s now available to view online.

If you’re not a member of the Ski Club, keep a lookout for it on the Apple Newsstand from Thursday 6 June under ‘Ski+board magazine’. Or on the Ski Club website at skiclub.co.uk/skiandboard from Thursday 6 June.

Chris Taine

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