World record backflip attempt by freestyle skiers

A group of thirty frees1-7-1-608x342tyle skiers have attempted to set a world record for a simultaneous backflip on skis.

The attempt took place at the ski resort of Mont St Sauveur in Quebec, Canada. Mikaël Kingsbury, current World Cup Moguls champion, organised the event and also took part. Many of those who were involved were current or ex-members of the Canadian freestyle skiing team.

Jérôme Bernèche, one of the skiers who took part, said they trained for two hours alone or in pairs or small groups until they had got the feeling for the jump before getting together to complete the jump in a line. They managed to land in an unbroken line on their second try, skiing away from the jump hand in hand.

“We were pretty stoked” said Bernèche, I don’t think anybody really expected it to work that well. We went for lunch (and) got a big poutine (typical Canadian dish) to celebrate.”

Chris Taine

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