SIGB Ski Test Blog: Rossignol Soul7

Rossignol Soul7

Rossignol Soul7

It might be a little while yet until 2013-14 skis are appearing in shops across the UK, but one ski that’s already creating a bit of buzz (courtesy of some clever marketing by the folks at Rossi) is the new Rossignol Soul7.

The Ski+board test team are in Kühtai, Austria for the annual SIGB Ski Test. With blue skis and a bit of fresh snow on the ground Monday presented perfect conditions for testing Freeride skis. As well as a few skis which have been updated with new graphics and technology, there are a few new kids on the freeride block too. The Rossignol Soul7 is one of those, and certainly one that got our test team talking.

It’s a completely new ski from Rossignol, part of the re-launched S-Series that features light-weight honeycomb construction in the tip and tail (Air Tip) and a more mature approach to rocker (Power Turn Rocker). While it’s a major update on the hugely successful series of skis that included the S7 and Super7, it retains the same core qualities that made those skis so good – plenty of floatation, playful geometry and easy steering.

The Soul7 is more modest in size than the S7 (it’s 106mm underfoot) but due to the new construction it’s significantly lighter, making it a good option for a touring or slackcountry ski as well an all-round off-piste ski. Our testers found that it gripped and turned surprisingly well on piste, though it does have an upper speed limit… but then again the sort of skier best suited to this ski is someone who aspires to spend more time off piste than on. It’s nimble, playful and just like its predecessors it turns on a dime. The reduced swing weight makes pivoting even more effortless. They look pretty slick too, and the semi-transparent honeycomb tip is, at the very least, a sure-fire conversation starter on the chairlift.

Here’ a short clip of the Rossignol Soul7 in action in Kühtai.

Chris Taine

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