Ski instructor training in Tignes: Swotting in the ‘big brother’ house

Gapski Group

Gapski Group

Ski Club of Great Britain member Tessa Regan is in Tignes for a ‘gap-year’ – saying goodbye to city life and hello to sun, snow and seasonnaires… better late than never!

Well the first two weeks of our Gapski ski instructor training course have certainly been action-packed and the time has flown by. There are nine of us on the course, with an age range of more than 30 years, but we are all getting on well and enjoying our training. We are all living together in a lodge in Tignes, which is very comfortable, but at times vaguely reminiscent of the Big Brother House, with such a diverse mix of ages and backgrounds.

Video analysis at the Big Brother House

Video analysis at the Big Brother House

The first two weeks have consisted of concentrated ski performance development to get us up to the standard required for BASI Level 1. Our posture has been scrutinised and refined to within an inch of its life and it’s amazing how much difference this has made to everyone’s skiing. Our first post-skiing video analysis session had us all cringing, but we soon got used to it and are now confidently analysing our own faults. Who knew for example that I sometimes assumed a posture resembling someone having trouble laying an egg? Well everyone except me I guess, but hopefully that has now been corrected.

Mastering the bumps

Mastering the bumps

We have been working on our short turns, carving and mogul skiing, adapting to different terrains and snow conditions and learning how to teach the BASI way. Our TDC instructors have been working us hard but we have learned so much and managed to survive being out on the slopes all day during an excruciatingly cold few days when we were wearing pretty much everything we owned. Tomorrow sees the start of our week long Level 1 training and assessment with a BASI examiner, so there is an air of apprehension in the Big Brother House tonight and even a bit of surreptitious swotting going on. Hopefully our instructors have prepared us well though and everyone will rise to the challenge, but I think we’re in for an intensive week – let’s hope I have good news to report next time!

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Tessa Regan

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