Skiing is fun

This might seem like the most basic and perfunctory of blog post titles, but I can think of no better words to describe the spirit of this video. And fun sometimes seems to get a bit lost in some of the annual big-budget ski and snowboard films that are packed from first frame until last with world-class athletes on jaw-dropping alpine terrain and launching off man-made jumps only marginally smaller than some nation states.

Each year these films document the ‘progression’ of freeskiing, but that progression seems to be largely linear, and therefore the formula does feel a bit predictable. Cliff drops get bigger, double flips become triple flips, and energy drink logos appear on an ever-increasing number of helmets and baseball caps.

Well Finland doesn’t have enormous mountains blanketed in bottomless powder, huge resorts served by dozens of high-speed lifts with heated seats, or the perfectly-sculpted terrain parks that most of the world’s pro skiers get to train in – but that doesn’t seem to stop these boys from having more fun than just about anyone. Their webisodes definitely don’t follow the script… why? Because their MO seems to be to simply to… have fun.

Real Skifi Episode 8 from Janne Korpela on Vimeo.

Chris Taine

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