Skiing in Alta Badia…

I never thought I would be flying through powder on December 3. Officially opening this coming weekend, Alta Badia, (situated in the upper part of the Val Badia in South Tyrol) offers some incredible skiing with a beautiful backdrop. A new concept of Slope Food is also hitting the mountains this season. Skiers have the opportunity to taste the local cuisine created by different Michelin starred chefs, including John Burton-Race. Their dishes can be found at twelve locations scattered across the resort. And after sampling six of them, I can definitely recommend them all. Especially the ‘salad shaker’. You’ll have to eat it to believe it.

For more information visit the Alta Badia Tourist Board;

View from Las Vegas Hotel and Restaurant, Alta Badia

Chris Taine

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  1. Very jealous Rosie! Looks absolutely stunning there. I’ve never skiied in Italy but it’s rapidly climbing to the top of my “to do” list!

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