Few Words in a few words

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this film since the incredible trailer for it came out in April.  Is Candide Thovex the best skier in the World?  He may not have all the traditional Alpine credentials where speed is king, but for me there is no other skier I would rather watch picking lines on the mountain and Few Words provided a sumptuous feast of this and more.

Few Words is not your traditional ‘ski-movie.’  It’s part ski-move, part biopic – which is exactly what Thovex’s story deserves.  This is a man who won three X Games golds in Slopestyle and Halfpipe, broke his back and was out of action for two years – then came back to win the Freeride World Tour at his first attempt in 2010.  In the two years since that triumph, he’s been making Few Words and the result is as enjoyable as his inspirational story.

From the slow pace of the scenic opening, onto documenting his rise from teenage sensation to world beater, to just watching him on his home mountain of La Clusaz with his friends… you cannot help rejoice in this gravity and injury-defying talent, making everything look so easy when it’s anything but.

Having the opportunity to interview the man of few words himself for Ski Club TV before the London premier maybe gave me a heightened expectation, which the trailer certainly had seven months ago, but Few Words went far beyond my hopes for the film and just made me want to get out to the mountains and become a better skier, which is surely the whole point?

Candide Thovex

Credit: James Bryant

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Tom Dixon

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